Alkaline Water

Why do we need Alkaline water?

Normally people’s pH value should be between 7.35~7.45 in Alkaline. However, very few people (in the world) actually have a normal and healthy alkaline level. Most people’s pH value is below 7.35, it is called an Acidic physique in medical science. Acidic physique can happen: Weaker immune system, general
physical deterioration, emotional tension & trepidation, poor metabolism, weaker excretion system, prone to constipation. And some illnesses take chance, such as hepatitis, cancer, palsy, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, nervousness disease and so on.

One of the main reasons that causes our body to become acidic is our diet. That is people prefer Acidic foods, such as meats and refining foodstuffs. Alkaline foods such as vegetables are preferable to prevent body from becoming Acidic. Therefore Alkaline water is also suitable for modern people. In many countries most cities sterilize their water with Chlorine. Chlorine is able to make drinking water “Acid”. Therefore Alkaline water ionizers are developed.



How to produce the Alkaline lonized water?

The lonizer Electrolyses the water with direct current voltage(DCV), the water is then separated in to Alkaline and Acidic. Because some minerals have been separated; such as Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium, most of them are gathered to the cathode, the water becomes Alkaline because of the hydroxide ions(OH-) increase. Other ions, such as Oxygen, Sulfuric acid, Sulfur… are attracted to the Anticathode. The water becomes Acidic because of the hydrogen ions(H+) increade. After electrolysis, the water pH value is higher and contains more minerals, like Calcium, Magnesium…(in a form that is more suitable for the body to assimilate)… Therefore the water is called “Calcium alkaline ionized water“.

Even though Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium can normally be found in foods and water. However these minerals in normal foods and drinking water are complex with strong stability, they are not easily assimilated by the body. However Acidic roots of minerals in the ionized water are separated in to ions with reduction potential(-). They are easier for the human body to assimilate, and these ions always look for and unite with the acidic roots of positive ions, so they are quickly eliminated(by our bodies). Therefore, drinking ionized water over the long term is able to improve human physique, enhance antibodies and the natural self repairing ability of the human body.

Anode cathode Picture