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Be certain the water you are using while travelling is not causing scale build up in your pipes, plumbing fittings, hot water system and your drinking water is free of nasty bacteria

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Motor home near the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado.

We cannot control the water we get from the holiday park or city water supply.

Do you store your water in a water tank as you travel? When temperatures rise bacteria thrive and grow. Can you risk drinking that water?

Take control and filter all water coming into your caravan, RV or motorhome by installing the best conditioned bacteria static water treatment system on your market.

MOBILE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM BENEFITS:mobile_water_treatment1-300x300

  • Chemical and salt free hard water treatment requiring no electricity or replacement parts…ever
  • Softer water throughout the house to drink, bathe, wash your laundry and cook with
  • Hard water and corrosion protection…saving you money and giving you peace of mind
  • 0.2 micron bacteria static carbon and silver impregnated high flow nano filtration
  • Chlorine reduction giving great tasting water, cups of tea and coffee
  • Reduced skin irritations
  • 99.9999% reduction in bacteria
  • 99.999% reduction in viruses
  • 99.98% reduction in cysts* at high flow rates
  • High dirty holding capacity: 82g/ft2
  • No spotting when washing the car or caravan
  • 316 Stainless Steel construction

*Testing performed by the Water Quality Association


Depending on your water quality the CBS water filter will need to be replaced every 12 months.



Left unprotected the pipes, hot water heating element, shower , toilet, taps and fittings will be prone to scale build up and eventually will cost you money.

System Benefits

  • Requires no maintenance or replacement parts…ever
  • Enjoy softer water to drink, bathe, wash your laundry and cook with
  • Corrosion protection…saving you money and giving you peace of mind


Protect your investment and avoid nasty surprises!
As you travel, you are likely to visit sites with very hard water.  This can seriously affect your hot water system, pipes and faucets, turning a holiday into a nightmare!  Installing a traditional water filter in your caravan, boat, RV or motor home is great, but it won’t prevent the affects of hard water! You need a caravan water filter/conditioner from The Hard Water Shop – we specialise in treating hard water problems!

  • Enjoy more time away and less time cleaning (inside and out) – plus, spend less on detergents, cleaners, rinse-aids and chemical softeners.
  • Avoid the nightmare of finding parts and arranging repairs in remote locations.
  • The plumbing system, pipes and tap ware will not corrode or clog up with scale – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Hot water systems, elements and kettles etc. will all last much longer!
  • Shower heads will remain clear – showers can be easily wiped clean.
  • Showering in softer, wetter water means a better lather, less shampoo and body wash… PLUS your hair and skin will feel great!
  • Doing the laundry will be more effective in softer water and your washing machine is being protected from hard water scaling issues!
  • Your dishwasher will last longer, pump & sprays will not clog up from scale, glasses will sparkle and you’ll use less detergent & rinse-aid.
  • Calcium spots & corrosion on sinks, shower screens and tap ware not only looks ugly but lowers the value of your investment.
  • Less spotting on your car and caravan when you wash them.

You have spent a lot of money buying your caravan, camper, motorhome or RV and if you don’t install the correct water treatment system you are going to experience hard water problems. These will cause your plumbing pipes and fittings to block up or corrode and your appliances like hot water system elements will fail costing you money and reducing the value of your investment.

As you travel around the country the quality of water you experience will change. There will be times that you are enjoying the benefits of low mineral water showing no hard water problem warning signs and there will be other times where the water will be extremely hard and when you wash the car you will see hard water spotting evidence! In any instance, can you be guaranteed that the water you are connecting to is free of bacteria and viruses?

No matter where you are in the country, installing The Hard Water Shop water treatment system on your caravan, motorhome, RV or camper you are taking control of the water you and your family are drinking, bathing, cooking and washing in! The first stage conditioner changes the structure and charge of the minerals in the water stopping those hard water problems you may have been experiencing. The very low 0.2 micron carbon and silver impregnated high flow bacteria static water filters polishes the water and removes bacteria and viruses, so no matter which tap you drink out of or where you brush your teeth the water will be soft clean and free of bacteria!

Protecting your investment and your health is simple, visit the store to purchase the most advanced, compact, chemical and salt free, custom designed bacteria static water treatment system for your caravan, motorhome, camper or RV today!