• Scale build up in your water system including the hot water heater
  • Corrosion of taps and fittings
  • Itchy skin when you get out of the shower
  • Difficult to shift spotting on car and van after cleaning
  • Hard to clean shower screen
  • Poor quality drinking water resulting in the family being sick
  • The quartz sleeve on your UV system getting coated with scale



Hard water contains high levels of scale building minerals that will cost you money as they attack and build up in your pipes and appliances around the house or in the RV, motorhome or caravan.

If you do nothing about it Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and other minerals will cost you money!

All water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and sodium to name a few.  the higher the mineral content the greater your scaling problems will be!

Did you know that the pipes delivering your water could look like this?



Each catalytic water conditioner has an alloy designed for a specific flow rate and is manufactured in a specialised foundry process using using dissimilar metals. On contact with water an immediate electrical current is generated lowering the electrical charge of the minerals in the water allowing them to form small crystal colloids that flow through the system.

The water conditioner;

  • Does not use salt or any chemicals!
  • Does not require electricity!
  • Has no moving parts to be replaced!
  • Requires no maintenance once installed!

Enjoy softer water and know that your plumbing systems, appliances and equipment are protected saving you money.




  • Soft water to shower in!
  • Prevention of scale build up in pipes and hot water systems around the house, RV or caravan!
  • Taps and fittings protected from corrosion, scale and costly hard water problems!
  • Scale protection for washing machines!
  • Scale protection for dishwashers!
  • Scale protection for UV systems!
  • Scale protection for RO systems!
  • Scale protection for swimming pools and also enjoy swimming is softer water!
  • Scale protection for evaporative air conditioners!
  • Scale protection for any water carrying system


  • NO…it does not use salt or any chemicals!
  • NO…it does not require electricity!
  • There are no moving parts to be replaced!
  • There is no maintenance is required once installed!


The science behind Softerwater Conditioners
Developing water systems that make hard water soft is something that many people have struggled with.  But over 30 years ago a company began using a unique method of treating hard water.  Simply, the Softerwater Conditioner technology lowers the electrical charge (zeta potential) of the mineral crystals in hard water.  The minerals become tiny particles and instead of attaching to surfaces they pass straight through the system.  Essentially the water treatment both prevents and cures scale build up.

The Hard Water Conditioning system is unique because it:

  • Prevents scale & breaks down existing scale – without salts, chemicals, magnets or electricity
  • Provides an endless supply of ‘softened’ water without further cost or maintenance


The science upon which the Softerwater Conditioner technology operates is known as catalytic conversion – a very simple natural scientific process.  It uses both chemistry and physics to achieve amazing results.


  1. Water is forced through a stainless steel pipe with an alloy core that has offset discs.  Each alloy core has been designed and engineered for a specific flow range.
  2. The offset discs ensure that there is no direct route for the water to travel and there is a definite water alloy contact.
  3. Water velocity is increased as water is squeezed through the shapes, with high & low pressure areas developing either side of each disc.

Extreme turbulence (known as the Venturi Effect) is generated along the length of the chamber which creates a mechanical washing action.  This prevents the minerals from building up on the core.


Blended in a specialized foundry process, each alloy core is made up of a number of dissimilar metals scientifically selected from the anode and cathode galvanic scale.  The alloy is not a sacrificial anode, so there is no need to replace.

  • As the water travels down the chamber, in contact with the alloy, thousands of intense galvanic electro-chemical reactions occur.
  • Minerals are attracted to these galvanic sites as they flow through the chamber.
  • The electrical charge (or zeta potential) of the minerals in the water is reduced.  This allows the minerals to aggregate and form nano sized colloids which remain in suspension rather than precipitate onto pipes and associated equipment.


Passage through the alloy core effectively neutralizes the bonding ability of the minerals and breaks down large mineral crystals into tiny mineral particles and prevents them from bonding to any surface to form scale.  The tiny mineral particles now remain in solution (much like the minerals in milk) flowing through pipes etc. and they do not drop out to form scale on surfaces it comes into contact with.


Even though the water is not technically ‘soft water’, because the minerals are still present in the water, the subtle changes have a significant effect on reducing costly hard water problems.   In fact, the results are better than using a traditional salt based water softener!

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Hard Water

Simply put hard water is water that has a high mineral content. The term “hard water” came about because it was difficult or hard to work with. You require much more soap, shampoo, or detergent when using hard water and the minerals in hard water will decrease the soap’s lathering capabilities. Mineral make up could include calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc and potassium in varying proportions. The greater the concentration of minerals the harder your water will be.

Will Hard Water Cost You Money?

Yes! Your home, caravan, RV or motorhome is one of the biggest investments you will make and you need to look after it. Hard water problems are generally sight unseen because the damage occurs in the pipes, hot water heater and other appliances. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there! Left untreated minerals including calcium, magnesium and iron will build up in the pipes or hot water system and at some stage will cost you money. When water is heated hard water problems are intensified and the heating element in your hot water system is mineral attracting so it doesn’t take long for the heating element to build up with scale. So before you start heating your water you have to heat the scale, when the scale heats up hot spots will develop along the length of the elements and eventually these hot spots will cause the element to burn out leaving you with a costly repair bill. The efficiency of your hot water heater is greatly reduced resulting in a increased energy bill!

Is Hard Water Bad For Your Health?

NO…hard water contains minerals that our bodies need so don’t filter them out using reverse osmosis. Mother natures rich mineral water can taste great and is good for us! We can treat those minerals and that water you drink or bathe in so the hard water problems are reduced, the water is free of bacteria, virus and cysts and is safe to drink and the chlorine is removed.

Be Proactive

Take control and do something about treating calcium, magnesium and iron in the water and avoid premature failure of your pipes, fittings and appliances! Installing a Hard Water Shop conditioner or water treatment system on your home, caravan, RV or motorhome will solve those hard water problems giving you peace of mind and saving you money on costly repair bills and maintenance call outs! Protecting your investment from hard water problems is simple!