Installing a pool Wizard on your pool is simple!

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Tropical villa with a pool.

  • Spending too much on chemicals?
  • Having trouble keeping your pool sparkling clean?
  • Got problems with algae, stains or marks?
  • Constantly replacing pumps & chlorinator parts?
  • Getting issues with irritation in your eyes after swimming?

Anyone who owns a swimming pool or spa will tell you how difficult and expensive it is to keep everything ‘just right’. Swimming pool maintenance can be time consuming and ongoing.

Many of the issues you experience with your pool are caused by the minerals and salts in the water.


  • Swim in less chemicals and softer water
  • The pipes, pumps, heating elements, filter and salt water chlorinator of your pool system will run more efficiently and also have an extended life
  • No more unsightly spots of algae or scale marks at the waterline.
  • Paintwork and tiles will need less cleaning and maintenance.
  • Installed in the recirculating loop means every time the water is recirculated through the pump it gets treated. The more the water is recirculated through the system the better the result.
  • There are no moving parts to be replaced and installation is simple.

If you would prefer to enjoy your pool rather than constantly testing and cleaning – this is the perfect pool maintenance solution for you!

You have spent a lot of money on that swimming pool and if you don’t look after it you are going to spend less time enjoying your pool and more time worrying about how to solve those hard water problems like scale building up on the pool tiles, white chalky look on your painted surfaces and the astronomical costs of chemicals! The swimming pool companies make their money selling you bottles of chemicals and they love it when you walk in the shop rather than have you spend the time at home in the pool.

If you are using water that it high in minerals you will need to use a lot of chemicals to help balance things such as ph. The chemicals that you use don’t mix well with hard water, so you have to use more chemical which means when you go for a swim your eyes burn, your skin starts itching and you smell like chlorine!

The solution is actually quite simple.  It is always best to treat the cause of the problem rather than deal with all the resulting symptoms. Installed after the pool pump and in the recirculating filtration system you can change the pool water hardness into soft water when you install The Hard Water Shop pool conditioner. Most people find they can reduce their chemical use dramatically, and if you’re worried about how to remove scale from the pool you will find that all that existing scale build up will be gone in no time as your water quality is improved each time the water is recirculated through the conditioner.

So if you want to spend more time in your pool rather than maintaining it then install one of our conditioners. What is the cost? You will find the price in the shop.  Your pool water will sparkle and you will reduce pool maintenance, extend the life of your paint work, pump, filter and salt water chlorinator, reduce your chemical costs and more importantly have more time to enjoy using the pool with family and friends and your eyes wont burn and your skin wont itch!