We have had endless trouble with our solar hot water elements – apparently the water in our area is very hard and that causes the element to corrode. Also of concern has been the build-up we get around the taps in the bath and the basin and the corroding of the toilet bowl. The only way I could get them clean was by scraping with a knife. Before The Hard Water Shop conditioner was installed, I gave them all a good scrub and in the two months since, I have not had to scrub again as there has been no build up. We have also noticed that the shower has been much cleaner with less build up on the tiles.


What has impressed me is that my face does not get red and irritated after a shower; I have tried different products but have always had the same result after washing my face in the shower.


For me it is all about my hair. After a lifetime of frizzy hair and trying hundreds of different hair products, the ShowerSoft unit gives me smooth, frizz free hair every time!


The powdery calcium had already started to appear all over the wall and base of the pool like a white film, however, once we fitted your very simple little device, the difference was noticeable after the first week. After the first month, we were most impressed, as all the calcium build up had disappeared.


Since having the Pool Wizard I haven’t had to add any chemicals, the algae just turned white and disappeared, no scrubbing, chemicals or work involved. I have also gradually been able to turn the salt chlorinator down from a 100% setting, needed to keep levels ok, to at the moment 40 % and reducing the filtering time by 2 hours per day, thus saving on power and wear & tear on equipment.


Because we are on an extended trip around Australia we utilise the shower quite a bit and subsequently we notice a real difference between our water quality and caravans sites water quality. It is much nicer to wash in our system as the water feels softer and the shampoo's and soap lather up a treat. Wiping down the shower after use we notice that there is no residual spotting or scaling or build up in any of the tap filters.


Just letting you know our HWP2 turned up well and truly in time before we headed off… in Charleville now, all set up and actually able to drink the water, Brilliant! We’ve tried all sorts of filters while we’ve been working out western Queensland, water magnets, even reverse osmosis – the water was so bad it chewed out the bladder resulting in rubber tasting water. We have a dual filter set up in front of the HWP2 and the water is “sweet” and very soft, no white spotting, we don’t look like wire haired terriers anymore when we’ve washed out hair – will definitely be recommending to others. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery, much appreciated.


We have also noticed less white build up in the laundry sink, bath and shower and glasses in the dishwasher come out without white marks on them.


In the garden the water appears to penetrate the soil much better as I dug a few postholes last week and had no trouble digging down over 600mm. Prior to the install of The Hard Water Shop Conditioner the water never penetrated the soil and formed a hard crust on the surface and digging postholes would be quite difficult. There appears to be no soda build up as there was prior to the installation.


I installed a new shower head (old one 70% blocked) at the same time as I installed the Showersoft and now after 10 months -- there has been no sign whatsoever of any scale blockage -- no lime scale build-up in 10 months . None! The tiled shower walls show very little scale or scum build up. Cleaning has been reduced by at least 80% - probably more. I simply wanted to advise you of what I have found using the Turbu-Flow - and to thank you - a great product.


This is truly a marvellous time and money saving device. One week after an easy installation, the water in the pool just sparkled, there is no other way to describe it and the water actually felt noticeably softer. I have constantly had a problem with black spot algae, which necessitated the adding of various chemicals to keep it under control, particularly in summer.


Just writing to let you know how pleased we are with the system we installed. We have noticed a real difference in the quality of water since its installation. When we wash the dishes we use a lot less detergent and get excellent results. We have the same experience with the washing machine.


The scale build up is MUCH less now with the conditioner unit installed. And it seems like the scale build up that is on the filter is "softer", and can be rinsed off with the garden house. I’m very impressed on how well it is working.


Since installing The Hard Water Shop Conditioner on the pressure pump and one on the air conditioner we have had fantastic results. In over 2 months, the air conditioner that would only run for 10 days hasn’t missed a beat.


I recently purchased two of your small water conditioners for my home's showers, and I have to say that I am impressed with how well they work! The extra suds I am getting out of my soaps and shampoos is impressive!


Since using the Showersoft my skin has stopped itching. You can even feel that the water is cleaner. The Shoersoft is also great for my kids skin and especially my daughters eczema which has stopped flaring up. I would recommend this product to everyone as its one of the best on the market today.


I have been noticing the high dirt load in the caravan park taps – but NOT inside our caravan water systems. Thanks for your great product. Attached is a photo of our sink – it has no scum and we never clean it more than with a soft cloth. For the last two years, we have lived in the caravan near full time and during that time the filter has had a good work-out at Chinchilla, Biloela and Nanango.