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Take control and filter all water coming into your house by installing the best conditioned bacteria static water filtration system on the market!

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Contemporary kitchen and open plan living room with garden aspect

Contemporary kitchen and open plan living room with garden aspect

Can you be certain the water you are using is not causing scale to build up in your pipes and plumbing fittings and that the water you and your family drink is free of nasty bacteria?

Can you afford to replace the pipes, hot water system and fittings?

Can you risk the family having a glass of water or brushing their teeth and getting sick?


WHOLE HOUSE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM BENEFITS:whole_house_water_treatment_lh1-300x300

  • Requiring no electricity or chemicals or salt!
  • Softer water throughout the house to drink, bathe, wash your laundry and cook with!
  • Protects you investment from scale and corrosion problems!
  • High flow 0.2 micron carbon and silver impregnated high flow nano filtration with carbon core!
  • Reduced skin irritations
  • Reducers Chlorine
  • Up to 99.9999% reduction in bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel construction

*Testing performed by the Water Quality Association



Manufacturers recommend replacing the filter every 12 months.



Installing a water filter on your RV, caravan or motorhome will protect your pipes, hot water system, dish washer, washing machine, taps and fittings from those costly hard water problems.

Conditioned Water Treatment Benefits

  • Chemical and salt free hard water treatment requiring no electricity or replacement parts…ever
  • Enjoy bathing, wash your laundry, doing the dishes, washing the car with soft water
  • Scaling and corrosion problems are mitigated giving you peace of mind
  • Skin and hair feel great



A single whole house Hard Water Shop Filter installed on the main water line of your house or apartment,  will deliver the best hard water solution on the market – bar none!
Check out these advantages…

  • No need for a water softener or a reverse osmosis system.
  • Wetter, softer water.
  • Reduced scaling and corrosion issues.
  • Investment in capital equipment is protected.
  • Soaps, detergents and shampoos mix and lather better.
  • Laundry items, skin and hair feel softer.
  • Swimming pool water is clearer & softer; back washing is reduced; scum lines are more easily cleaned away; salt water chlorinators work more effectively; there is no scale build up; black spot disappears and chemical usage is reduced.
  • Water with a lower surface tension is more easily absorbed into the ground which reduces surface crust and runoff, improving plant health.
  • Environmentally friendly!

There are 4 choices for water filters for the whole house.  The unit you choose will depend on the number of bathrooms you have and the affordability you prefer.
1-2 bathrooms – install HWP2
2+ bathrooms – Install WHP3
The Standard units have an external housing made from tough PVC making it less expensive than the Premium units which have a stainless steel housing.



It is best to start with a whole house water filter so that all water coming into the house is treated.  Then add more to suit your needs and budget…
Every additional unit that you then add (to your shower, hot water system, evaporative air conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine, ice-maker or swimming pool) is a protection “boost” – delivering greater peace of mind AND greater savings on maintenance, repairs and replacement of appliances and equipment in and around your home.
Go here to check out our simple, 3 level guide of Good, Better & Best hard water protection.  It shows how you can achieve the ultimate in hard water treatment.



  • Do you get water spots on your glasses and dishes?
  • Want soft towels without chemicals?
  • Do you need to frequently descale or get repairs done to your appliances?
  • Think you need a special dishwasher or detergent for hard water ?

Hard water is not only inconvenient, it is costing you thousands of dollars in premature repairs and replacement of your dishwasher, washing machine, coffee machine, steam mops and ice-makers – in fact, any appliance that uses water.  Your appliances could last much longer if they weren’t affected by the calcium & magnesium & rust in the water.
There is an easy solution – The Whole House Water Conditioner!  They will ensure you get the best results from your appliances and eliminate hard water damage forever!
Living in an apartment or renting and want to find the best hard water solution?  Just fit the The Whole House Water Filter to your appliances and take them with you when you leave..



  • Save money on your weekly shopping bill by using significantly less washing powder, fabric softener, detergent and rinse aid.
  • You washing machine will work more efficiently without scale build up.
  • It will use less energy and detergents giving you softer towels and clothes than ever before!
  • Spotted glass and dishes will be a thing of the past.
  • No more descaling of the coffee machine and other appliances.

MOST IMPORTANT – your appliances will last longer, the way they were intended – so no costly replacement surprises at the worst possible time.


Have you ever stopped to think where your water comes from? What are the responsibilities of your local water authority to treat the water and how it gets to your house?


Raw and untreated water is obtained from either an underground aquifer (usually through bores or wells) or from a surface water source, such as a lake or river. In both instances it is pumped to a water treatment facility. At the facility, a sequence of treatment processes including filtration and disinfection with chemicals is used to remove any sediment, improve the turbidity or clarity of the water and then make sure that there is enough chemical injected into the water so it gets to your house free of bacteria. When the treatment is complete, water flows out into the community through a network of pipes and pumps that are commonly referred to as the distribution system. Maintenance carried out on the distribution network is normally limited to fixing major blowouts and water leaks. The pipes are not cleaned and your water could be distributed to you in pipes looking like this…scale-in-valve


An interesting point to note is that the water authority, private or government, is not responsible for the hardness of the water. So if that bore, well or surface water is high in minerals you will experience hard water problems, which will damage your pipes, taps, fittings and appliances like hot water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, evaporative air conditioners and swimming pools… not to mention the terrible chlorine taste of the water!


Installing a Hard Water Shop whole house water treatment system on the supply line to your house gives you ultimate control of the water you and your family drink, wash and bathe in! The first stage conditioner changes the structure and charge of the minerals in the water stopping those hard water problems you may have been experiencing. The very low 0.2 micron carbon and silver impregnated high flow bacteria static water filters polishes the water and removes bacteria and viruses, so no matter which tap you drink out of or where you brush your teeth the water will be soft, clean and free of bacteria!


Protecting your family’s health and home starts here. Visit our store now and buy the most compact chemical and salt free custom designed bacteria static water treatment system for your house or apartment today!